I am an author of a paper in Meta and would like to correct or update the information Meta has about me or other information about the paper - how can I do that?

Email us at feedback@meta.org with any questions about this. We would love to hear from you.

I am an author of some papers in Meta. Can I have those publications removed from Meta?

We don’t currently have a way to remove papers that we’ve indexed. For a paper to be removed from Meta, it would have to be removed from the original publishing source.

I see a data error in Meta. Can this be fixed?

Meta relies on content received from third-party data sources, and these sources may sometimes introduce errors. Meta also uses machine learning processes to link outputs across categories includin...

Why don’t you have all my publications/citations?

We currently aggregate information from a number of sources, including research papers from PubMed, preprints from bioRxiv, medRxiv, q-bio, ResearchSquare, Preprints.org, chemRxiv, and OSF Preprint...

How do I send feedback about Meta?

We greatly appreciate receiving feedback, comments and suggestions about your experience using Meta. Please let us know how we can make the platform better by clicking Share feedback in the bottom-...