Is Meta free?

Yes. We don’t charge to use Meta and Meta doesn’t include paid ads.

What types of information does Meta collect about me?

Meta collects information from both visitors to its public pages and registered users. The table below gives an overview of Meta’s data collection and use practices. For a full description of these...

Does Meta share data about me with others?

It depends. If you’re an author, we’ll share the information available to us about papers you have written.  We don’t share personal information about users or visitors with other users (like what ...

How does Meta use third-party cookies?

The table below lists the third-party cookies we use. We use these cookies for analytics and site operation. There are no third-party ads inside Meta, so we don’t use any cookies for these purposes...

Does Meta share any information with Facebook?

No. Meta is a project of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), a separate entity from Facebook. Meta does not share any personal data with Facebook or other external organizations.

Does Meta provide data to Google?

We don’t have any ads for third-party products inside Meta and we don’t make any money from ads. Our goal is to make Meta widely available and accessible to the broadest community. To that end, we’...

How do I report a privacy concern to Meta?

Please contact with any privacy concerns, and we’ll respond promptly.