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Updates to Terms, Privacy, and Cookies

Meta is committed to always providing a safe and secure environment for you to explore, discover, and follow biomedical research. As we improve Meta and make it available to more users, we’re makin...

Meta + Kopernio

Meta's goal is to ensure you never miss an important paper, so we have partnered with Kopernio, a free browser plugin, to streamline the processing of accessing journal articles in PDF format. Wha...

How do I edit my profile?

From the Navigation Menu, click  My Profile. From the drop-down menu, select Edit Profile. The Profile page will open, where you can change your Name, Institution, Email and Password. Click Update ...

Does Meta send email alerts or digests?

Yes. Meta sends a weekly email digest of the top new papers in your feeds. You can change your email notifications in your member profile. For more information, see How do I edit my profile?

How can I change my email or add my academic email?

You can associate up to two emails with your account: a primary email and an academic/institutional email. Generally, your primary email is used to sign into Meta and to receive updates regarding y...

How do I change my password?

In the Navigation Menu to the left of your feeds, click  My Profile. From the drop-down menu, select Edit Profile. The Your Profile page will open, where you can change your password. Click Update ...

Is Meta available as a mobile application?

Meta is not yet available as a mobile app. It is optimized for most mobile web browsers and operating systems, however, we recommend accessing Meta on a desktop for the best user experience and acc...

How do I upload a photo to my member profile?

At this time, you cannot upload a photo to your member profile.

Why can't I log into my Meta account?

We apologize for any problems you may have logging into your Meta account. Meta was recently updated and users of the older version should have received an email helping them to migrate to the new ...

How do I change my email preferences?

You can change your email preferences, including your email address and notifications, in your member profile. For more information, see: How do I edit my profile?

How do I add publications to my member profile?

Papers cannot be added or linked to your member profile manually. Meta uses machine learning to find and index your papers automatically. If the tool has missed any, please contact us.

How do I send feedback about Meta?

We greatly appreciate receiving feedback, comments and suggestions about your experience using Meta. Please let us know how we can make the platform better by clicking  Feedback in the bottom-left ...

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account, please contact us. We will be sad to see you go, but would greatly appreciate your feedback to help us improve Meta.

I found an error in Meta. Can you fix it?

Meta automatically extracts information from papers using machine learning, so errors occasionally happen. If you find an error, please contact us by clicking  Feedback in the bottom-left corner of...

Does Meta have a publicly accessible API?

Meta does not have a publicly accessible API. If this feature would be useful to you, please contact us via email or click  Feedback in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.