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In addition to papers and preprints, Meta now includes a variety of other content types (see What content is included in Meta?), and Meta’s algorithm also highlights “mentions” of different content types (see What are mentions?). 


Because the boundaries and relationships between different types of content are not explicit in the literature, and specific definitions are needed for Meta’s knowledge graph, the Meta definitions for each content type are as follows:


Method A Method is a technique or approach used in scientific research studies.
Protocol A Protocol is the step-wise execution of an experimental method or a research study, outlining specific procedural steps of the method, materials, equipment and conditions.
Software Software covers the entire set of computer programs, procedures, codes and routines, including those used for research data collection, processing and analysis.
Dataset A Dataset is a collection of data that have been measured, collected and/or analyzed as part of a research study.
Research Resource A Research Resource is a specific material, reagent or equipment used in a research protocol.
Clinical Trial A Clinical Trial is a clinical research study using human participants that is aimed at adding to medical knowledge.


Caveat: Meta’s definitions for these content types provide some guidance, but there will be examples of content retrieved from repositories, or mentioned in the literature, that fit more than one category, or have in fact been classified and described differently by the source.