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If your institution has subscription agreements with publishers, you can access the full text of papers in Meta using your academic email address. 


To check whether your email address is already linked to your Meta account, pick a paper (that is not Open Access or a preprint) and click “Get PDF.” 


If you see the option “Institution” in the drop-down menu, your email is already synced: 


If you do not see that option in the drop-down, you need to link your email:


To link your academic or institutional email to your Meta account, follow these steps:

Click "Profile" at the top left of your main Meta screen and select Edit Profile from the drop-down menu:


On the Edit Profile screen, type your academic or institutional email address into the indicated box:


Click “Update Profile,” then click the Meta logo to return to your main Meta screen. 


To confirm your institutional email is now linked to Meta, select another paper and click “Get PDF”. You should see the “Institution” option in the drop-down. If you do not, then your institution’s domain is not yet supported. You can let us know you would like your institution included at