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Using altmetrics, you can gauge what the community is saying about new research; when combined with Meta, you can understand the full potential impact of research. 


Meta uses machine learning to predict which articles and preprints will have an impact in the future, and uses that information to sort the papers in your feed so you have help prioritizing which papers to check out (this is the default sorting of your feeds; there is also a Matched to You sorting option). With the help of data from Altmetric, you can also see which papers are being discussed and shared on Twitter, Mendeley, and in other online tools and communities. 


If a paper is being talked about, you’ll see this information at the bottom of the paper card. Clicking on the “[number] Discussing” will trigger a pop-up box showing you the breakdown of the number. 



To drill further into the altmetrics data from Meta, click on the paper’s DOI, which will take you to the paper on the publisher’s website and any metrics the publisher is tracking for the paper. 



Altmetrics are meant to complement, not replace, citations. References and citations can still be found in the paper details.