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Some feeds are labelled Influential, Fast Growing or Going Viral. These labels, or Feed Indicators, signal characteristics that Meta users may find useful, such as when a lot of people are talking or tweeting about a paper. Feed Indicators are calculated for the top 10 percent of Meta feeds. 

What does it mean when a feed is marked “Influential”?

A feed is marked Influential when it contains papers that are rising in popularity on Twitter, Facebook and in the news—an indication that a specific topic is getting talked about by the community. 

Using data from Altmetric, Meta calculates the Twitter mentions over the past four weeks for each paper in a feed. It does the same for Facebook mentions and news articles. Feeds marked Influential are those that have papers in the top 5% of all papers based on the number of Twitter mentions.

Why are some feeds marked “Going Viral”?

Scientists are increasingly turning to Twitter to talk science and disseminate their research. In a glance, the Going Viral indicator lets you know which research topics are gaining popularity on the social media platform.

Going Viral is calculated using data from Altmetric. Specifically, it calculates the change in Twitter mentions per paper over a four-week period. So a feed containing papers that have 100 Twitter mentions this week, compared with 10 last week, will be labelled Going Viral, whereas a feed containing papers that have 520 Twitter mentions this week compared with 500 last week may not be. 

What does it mean when a feed is marked “Fast Growing”?

A feed is marked Fast Growing when the frequency of new papers related to the feed topic is increasing. 

Specifically, Fast Growing feeds are those that have the highest percentage change in new papers over the past four weeks. A feed in which the number of new papers has grown by 200% over that timeframe will be labeled Fast Growing, whereas one that has grown by only 20% will not be.