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Summary of April 2021 Updates to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We periodically update our terms and policies to ensure that they are transparent and easy to understand.

Here is a summary of the key updates from April 2021:

  • Meta, as of April 1, 2021, will be provided by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Foundation. This is part of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s shifting of its Science employees, projects, and activities to live within the existing CZI Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity. We want to assure you that this does not change our commitment to delivering a high-quality experience for you within Meta. This is a largely back-end organizational change that will take effect on April 1, 2021, and will have minimal impacts on CZI’s work with grantees and partners, or on the CZI Science team day-to-day. 
  • Disputes between Meta and you will now be resolved through final and binding arbitration. Our Terms of Use describes in detail how this works, and how you can opt out. 

For questions about these changes, please contact us at