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Meta collects information from both visitors to its public pages and registered users. The table below gives an overview of Meta’s data collection and use practices. For a full description of these practices, please see our Privacy and Cookies policies.


Relationship to Meta

What does Meta collect about me?

Where does Meta get that information from?

What does Meta use this information for?

Registered Meta user

  • Information you provide, like your profile, feed interests and preferences, and searches.
  • Information from your engagement with the site, like the articles you click on and how often you log in.
  • Information from your browser, like cookies that tell us you’re logged in.
  • From the registered user and their browser.
  • To provide you with Meta services and to improve the services for all Meta users.
  • There are no advertisements on Meta and we won’t use your information for any third-party advertising.

Visitor to Meta’s public pages (e.g.

  • Depending on the permissions you’ve given us, we may use cookies on your browser for analytics, security, and site optimization purposes.
  • From the visitor’s browser.
  • Analytics so that we can understand when people come to visit our site and the things they find useful or interesting
  • Security purposes. 
  • Site optimization- so that we can understand when the site does not work or work well for visitors