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Meta's goal is to ensure you never miss an important paper, so we have partnered with Kopernio, a free browser plugin, to streamline the processing of accessing journal articles in PDF format.


What is the Kopernio plugin?

Kopernio is a browser plugin that was built to save researchers time. It makes it fast and easy to access tens of millions of PDFs by automatically searching for copyright-compliant sources as you browse. Those sources may include open databases, academic or institutional library subscriptions (where possible), institutional repositories, personal blogs and other third-party sources. Once Kopernio has located the PDF, you can retrieve it with just one click.

How does Kopernio work?

Kopernio facilitates one-click access to PDFs using smart links created through integration with a user’s institutional library subscriptions or, when subscriptions aren’t available, by connecting users to open-access versions. Kopernio only activates when it detects that you are viewing the details of an academic paper available on a relevant, copyright-compliant platform. Examples of relevant platforms include publishers' websites, abstract databases such as PubMed, preprint servers and institutional repositories.

Which browsers does Kopernio support?

Kopernio is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. As with any plugin or browser extension, Kopernio requires permissions to run. For your privacy and security, Kopernio limits permissions to those necessary to integrate with your institutional library subscriptions, add the Kopernio PDF button to the pages you are browsing, including Meta, and downloading PDFs. For more information about permissions or technical questions, visit Kopernio's Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get started using Kopernio on Meta?

To use Kopernio on Meta, you need to install the plugin. Go to and follow the instructions to set up an account. Once the setup is complete, return to Meta's website and refresh the page in your browser.


If I don't use Kopernio, will my experience on Meta be affected?

No. You can continue to use Meta without installing Kopernio and the experience will not change. Meta will continue to provide easy access to open-access papers and preprints, and to use open URL resolvers to help you retrieve full-text papers through your institutional library subscriptions.

Introductory video on Kopernio in Meta (1m 10s):