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Meta Help Center

To search for content in Meta, enter a term into the search box at the upper left corner of your screen. As you type, suggestions from our knowledge graph will appear in a drop-down menu. Select one of these terms, or continue typing to enter a text match. 


When you perform a text match search, Meta retrieves papers, preprints, datasets, and more that are related to the search term. A text match search is useful for scientific terms that have not yet been incorporated into Meta’s knowledge graph. When you search for a term, Meta will retrieve content containing the specified term and terms that have similar meanings or are related to your term.


You may also enter more than one term joined by the Boolean operators AND or OR. To add more terms using these operators, do not use the drop-down menu, but continue to type as you would for a text match:



Once you have entered your search term(s), the results page will display papers and preprints related to your search. Additional tabs across the top describe other content types that match your query. You can toggle between tabs to see proceedings, datasets, protocols, software, and clinical trials that match your search terms (see What content is included in Meta? to learn about these content types). 



On the right side of the search results screen, you will find filters for time and document type, along with the option to sort by relevance or recency. When available, information about your search term is also located on the right. 



You can share your search with others by copying the URL of your results page.

If you are logged in, you can save content from your search results to your Library.