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There are two ways to search for papers: By Text Match or by searching for an Interest from our knowledge graph.

For example, you can do a Text Match search for “BRCA1,” or search for an Interest from our knowledge graph, such as “BRCA1 gene”  image.pngor “BRCA1 protein” or “BRCA1 wt allele.”

When you perform a Text Match search Search.png, Meta retrieves papers that contain the specified search term in its title or abstract, similar to the way PubMed or Google Scholar work. A Text Match search is useful for scientific terms that have not yet been incorporated into Meta’s knowledge graph. When you search for an Interest, Meta will retrieve papers containing the specified Interest but also terms that have similar meanings or are related to the Interest.

Multiple search terms

You can search for more than one term by combining Interests. We call this an Intersection.  Click the Add Interest text box, then type in your search term and select the corresponding Interest. The search results will automatically update as you continue to add intersections.