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Meta Help Center

Save time organizing your papers. Your Meta libraries seamlessly integrate with Mendeley, so you can readily cite the papers you discover.

Please note: Meta currently only supports integration with Mendeley. We will integrate other reference managers in the future.

Here's how to integrate Meta with Mendeley:

At the top right side of your screen, click Settings. From the drop-down menu, select Reference Management. You will be redirected to the Reference Management page, where you can select your reference manager from a drop-down list. Click Add Manager and follow the instructions to integrate Meta with your reference manager.

Once you have connected your Meta account to your Mendeley account, you will be able to see which libraries have been synced, the number of papers being synced, and the date they were last synced. In Mendeley, a new folder will appear which contains the synced papers ready for referencing.

By default, all of your libraries will be synced to your Mendeley account; however, you can deselect libraries in the Reference Management screen of your Meta account, and the deselected libraries will no longer send papers to Mendeley. Papers from deselected libraries that have already been synced to your reference manager will remain there.