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PubMed and Google Scholar are search engines, which yield long lists of papers based on keywords, stripped of their context. Researchers are left to streamline this process, understand connections across articles, or see where a field is going.

Meta provides a faster way to understand, organize and explore science through personalized feeds. Researchers can choose to create their own feeds by entering concepts, journals, preprints, and/or papers of interest, or they can follow feeds curated by Meta’s team of experts. Feeds update automatically as science happens.

Some of Meta's features:     

  • Article ranking to make it easy to find the most relevant and impactful papers as soon as they are published;
  • Recommendations and related concepts to help you discover relevant papers in seconds, explore research topics in greater depth, spot emerging trends, and make connections between fields that can lead to new research questions;
  • Quick view of abstracts so you can quickly decide which incoming papers are critical to your research;
  • Access to full-text articles through your academic institution;
  • Preprints to help you stay on the cutting-edge of research;
  • Reference manager integration with Mendeley to simplify your research routine.